Layered Text Area
This area is text layered over a .jpg image. You can edit this text with your own text without using any graphics software. You can also replace the .jpg image with any standard .jpg image.




Allwebco Template
The Flash logo above can be customized by editing a text file in Notepad or any plain text editor. Flash software is not required. This template also includes a graphic logo option. The Flash image changer on this page is linked to 8 standard .jpg images. You can simply replace these .jpg images to update this page. All menus can be edited with any plain text editor or notepad. Every Allwebco template comes with step by step instructions.

Included Features
This template model includes a search feature. The search is setup for a Google or Google site search. You can setup this search to be Google only or site search only. Search setup files and instructions are included. This template features "global" editing features. For example, you edit the menu.js text file to change the names and links on the menu and it updates the entire website. This template is setup for selling any product on-line with payments through either 2CO or Paypal or both. All pictures are replaceable .jpg and .gif images.

More Links:

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